Summer Accelerator

Do you have a new business idea that needs a development boost over the summer? Join our 3-month programme, where we help you fast-track the commercial development of your idea and improve investor readiness. 

Join us on Wednesday, 25 October, 6pm, to see the Summer Accelerator 2023 cohort showcase their ventures!

What is the Summer Accelerator?

The Summer Accelerator, run in partnership with Imperial College Business School from August to October, is the perfect opportunity for founders to boost the development of their startup to get to a place where they’re ready for investment.  

You’re looking at 12 weeks of 1-2-1 mentorship, business coaching, group workshops and Experts-in-residence sessions. All with a £1000 grant for each team! 

The programme ends with a pitch event in October, where teams will showcase their startups in front of an audience from the Imperial community and external investor network. 

Entry requirements

  1. The Team lead must be a current Imperial College London student, recent alumni (graduated no earlier than 2020) or Early Career Researcher.
  2. Teams must be comprised of between two and five individuals.
  3. Team members may be external, as long as the above criteria are fulfilled.
  4. Ventures have to be at pre-seed looking to raise investment within the next 6 to 12 months with significant customer validation, prototyping track record and raised funds (for example via grants or prizes).

Programme Sessions


Tuesday 1 August – 1:00 – 2:00pm

Meet the rest of the Summer Accelerator cohort and Enterprise Lab Programme team over an informal lunch.


Teams will meet with a business coach to assess their level of development.


Tuesday 8 August – 1:00 – 3:00pm

At the Mixer event, all teams will get the chance to meet the programme mentors.


At their monthly mentor meetings, teams will discuss their progress toward monthly goals agreed with the business coach and any challenges they are facing. 



You receive 3 online business coaching sessions as part of the programme (45 minutes each). These will allow you to set goals each month of the programme. 


This workshop is designed to help teams understand the process required to reach their first sale.


This workshop will help teams understand how to deliver on investment once they have raised. 


This workshop will help teams develop the skills to thrive in the startup environment. 

This will be accompanied by monthly group peer to peer sessions.


This workshop will help teams understand how to build their core team.


Teams will get the opportunity to meet with three different experts from the Enterprise Lab’s Experts-in-Residence service.


Teams pitch to an expert panel of judges and will get the chance to take part in a Q&A. 

This will be in front of a live audience including Imperial College students, alumni and investors.


Teams to meet with a business coach to assess their level of development following the conclusion of the programme. This will also be an opportunity to discuss a post-programme action plan.

Meet the 2023 cohort


Why aiKNIT?
aiKNIT invents cutting edge technology and programmable devices to create a paradigm shifting experience in the approach to healing musculoskeletal disorders. It differentiates itself through placement beyonf current structures – it is not just a medical device, nor a fashion piece, but a new industry whihc values wellbeing at the core.


Why ElectroPET?
An innovative process for PET recycling into its monomers terephthalic acid (TPA) an ethylene glycol (EG), with subsequent electrocatalytic conversion of EG into green hydrogen.



INNOGEN’s optimised platelet-rich plasma system revolutionises erectile dysfunction treatments, addressing the root cause by promoting tissue and nerve repair.


Why Neubond?
At Neubond, we specialise in personalised home rehabilitation devices for stroke patients to address their mobility constraints. Our innovative devices establish a direct connection to the patient’s body, seamlessly integrating effective therapy into their daily lives.


Why Nex.Q?

The world’s most advanced AI for infection prevention and control. Building the next-generation system for infectious disease management, we aim to predict infections, prevent outbreaks, and save lives.


Why Papcup?
Papcup is a novel biosensing device that helps women who are concerned about cervical cancer but struggle with smear tests.


Why Wearitech?
Wearitech is an ECG monitoring shirt that measures the users’ heart-activity continuously throughout the day. Wearitech alerts the user to abnormal heart rhythms to prevent SCD. Wearitech is the perfect accompaniment for athletes, people with pre-existing heart conditions, or anyone who wants to take a closer look at their heart-health.


How many teams are on the Summer Accelerator?

Seven teams will be accepted onto the programme.

Will I need to attend in person?

Yes. The programme will include both in person and virtual sessions. You must be able to attend in person events on the South Kensington campus to participate in the programme.

When can I expect a reply regarding my application?

We aim to let all our all applicants know if they’ve been accepted onto the programme by 5.00 PM on Monday 24 July.

Do you take any equity in my team/company?
No. We’re in this to help you, and have designed this programme to give you the skills and support so you can create your own company and carve out your own future.

Can I submit several projects?
Yes! As long as you’ve done the required research on them all (see our Entry Requirements 👆) you can submit several ideas.

How advanced do ideas have to be to apply?

Ventures have to be at pre-seed looking to raise investment within the next 6 to 12 months with significant customer validation, prototyping track record and raised funds (for example via grants or prizes).

We can’t accept brand new ideas.

What are the Terms and Conditions?

You can find the programme terms and conditions here.

Can I speak to someone about my application?

Yes, if you have any questions please get in touch with Euan Bell:

How much money is each team awarded?

Each team is awarded a grant of £1000 at the start of the programme. 

Meet the Alumni

Dama Health
Dama Health

Summer Accelerator 2021 winner, Dama Health, is revolutionising the way in which women are matched to their contraception.

DASH Rides
DASH Rides

DASH Rides is a fast and easy e-bike subscription service that aims to change the way the world moves for good. The service lets businesses empower their employees by giving them easy access to a cost-efficient, healthy and carbon-busting way to travel.


“The Summer Accelerator allowed us to get perspectives from different people – that outside feedback was massively useful in getting us to explore different paths and help us move our idea forward.”

Huzaifa Patel, Remote Sense

How to apply

Applications are now open.  

If you have any questions please email Euan Bell:

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