Summer Accelerator

Got a new business idea that needs a development boost over the summer? Join our 3-month programme, where we help you fast-track the commercial development of your idea and give you the chance to win £5,000.

Applications are now closed. 

What is the Summer Accelerator?

The Summer Accelerator, run in partnership with Imperial College Business School from July until September, is the perfect opportunity for students looking to get more out of their summer and give their business idea a big developmental push.

You’re looking at 12 weeks of 1-1 sessions with a mentor, business coaching, peer-to-peer support and Experts-in-residence. All with a £500 grant PLUS a possible extra £1,000 in monthly grants (dependent on progress).

The programme ends with a pitch showcase in September, where teams compete for our cash prize of £5,000!

Learning outcomes

By the end of this programme you’ll have learnt how to:

Identify and prioritise your key business assumptions

Test and validate your assumptions through customer discovery and experimentation

Identify drivers of product-market fit

Receive and action mentor and customer feedback

Support and work with fellow cohort teams

Develop a post-programme action plan

Entry requirements

  1. Teams must include at least one current student or alumni from Imperial College Business School (graduated no earlier than 2019).
  2. The Team lead must be an Imperial College London students or recent alumni (graduated no earlier than 2019).
  3. Teams must be comprised of between two and five individuals.
  4. Team members may be external, as long as the above criteria are fulfilled.
  5. Teams must not have previously received more than £100,000 in funding.
  6. Teams must have already made clear and demonstrable progress in customer discovery and toward proof of concept or prototype stage.

Key dates


Monday 20 June – 6:30 to 8pm

In person

Selected teams will attend an induction session where they will receive an introduction to the programme, meet the rest of the cohort and the Enterprise Lab programme team.


Friday 6 July – between 9am and 5pm


Teams will meet with a business coach to assess their level of development.


TBC – 6 to 7pm

In person

At the Mixer event, all teams will get the chance to meet the programme mentors. Teams are required to submit a pitch deck and 2mins video pitch before this event. 

Following this event, each team will be paired with a mentor for the duration of the programme. Teams will have monthly meetings with their mentors to discuss their progress and challenges they’re facing. 


Tuesday 19 July, 9 August & 6 September – between 9am and 5pm


At their monthly mentor meetings, teams will discuss their progress toward monthly goals agreed with the business coach and any challenges they are facing. 

Mentors will give feedback and advice on the work teams have completed and on what they should be focusing on next. 

Teams will be awarded their monthly £500 grant based off mentor feedback and their progress toward monthly goals. 


Friday 15 July, 12 August and 9 September – between 9am and 5pm

In person

You receive 3 online business coaching sessions as part of the programme (45 minutes each).

Business coaching will allow teams to set goals for the month and identify how to use your £500 grant.

Business coaching is also the perfect way to work through any challenges you may be facing, be it with your idea, your team or your next steps.


Thursday 21 July – 6 to 8pm

In person

Teams will attend this workshop to learn more about customer validation and how to build on the customer work they’ve already understaken. 



Thursday 4 & 25 August – 6 to 7:30pm

In person

Teams will have the opportunity to hear from previous Summer Accelerator teams about their business journey, their experiences on the programme and the lessons they’ve learned. These will be followed by a Q&A so teams can ask their own questions. 



Wednesday 3 and 24 August August – between 9am and 5pm


Teams will get the opportunity to meet with one of the Enterprise Lab’s Experts-in-Residence.


Thursday 22 September

In person

Teams will pitch to an expert panel of judges, followed by a Q&A, for the chance to win the £5000 Grand Prize. 

This will be in front of a live audience including Imperial staff, students, alumni and external contacts in the wider ecosystem.


Wednesday 28 September – between 9am and 5pm


Teams to meet with a business coach to assess their level of development following the conclusion of the programme. This will also be an opportunity to develop a post-programme action plan.

Meet the 2021 cohort

Dama Health

Why Dama Health?
On average a woman will try at least 3 different types of contraception throughout her life before finding the right one for her. In that time she’s likely to suffer from several common side-effects including depression, headaches, irregular bleeding, and loss of libido. Failure to identify the right contraceptive can lead to further issues, more treatment and increased costs for the healthcare system. 

Dama Health uses pharmacogenetic research to offer women and clinicians contraception recommendations using a genetic test and an automated matching system  – the first of its kind that takes a woman’s medical history and genetic profile and matches them to different types of hormonal contraceptive medication.

Edicat Learning

Why Edicat Learning?
For centuries classroom teaching has followed the same ‘one-size-fits-all’ formula. Large rooms and a linear curriculum taught at one pace, regardless of how quickly individual pupils learn. Edicat Learning is an AI-driven platform that personalises learning to each student based on their individual needs.

It works by first identifying individual knowledge gaps with an adaptive assessment. Pupils’ teachers (and other stakeholders) are provided with performance reports that identify knowledge gaps in the national curriculum and provides a personalised curriculum that will help accelerate a pupil’s rate of learning. 


Why GreenAlytics?

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Reporting is growing in importance but many companies are failing to manage their ESG requirements because of poor data management – which leads to potential regulatory non-compliance and significant cost.

GreenAlytics is a comprehensive software package that any organisation can use to manage its ESG data and reporting. From peer-group and industry benchmarking to generating accurate and useful insights – it provides an easy way for companies to understand their environmental and social impact.


Why Haalo?
35% of call-outs involve a death or a life-threatening injury, so time is of the essence. Identifying an accident location however is slow. Current methods rely on tired rescuers, who must search vast and rugged terrain. Helicopters are scarce, expensive to run and dangerous to operate. and standard drone cameras can’t withstand extreme weather conditions.

Our answer is a weather-proof custom-built drone that can be directed to an area of interest and uses advanced computer vision to identify the missing person and alert the emergency services to their location.


Why Skinutri?

90% of people around the world suffer from acne at least once in their lives, and while nutrition and skin wellbeing are directly related, there’s no easy way for people to understand how their diet may affect their skin and no food products rich in skin-friendly ingredients. 

Skinutri is a chocolate bar packed with a carefully curated mix of nutrients that promote healthier skin. It offers consumers a skin-friendly option who want their confectionery to taste good and do them good inside and out!


Why Stance?
Current home gym equipment is bulky, heavy and is limited in what it can offer both in terms of versatility and smart connectivity.

Stance equipment is specifically designed for the home environment. It replaces heavy weight stacks with clever electromagnetic systems, so it fits into the home space. It’s also digitised so users can track and monitor their progress and engage with both online classes and 1-2-1 personal trainer sessions from the comfort of their own home.


Why Watter?
Currently, 800 million people around the world don’t have access to a centralised grid connection. Solar panels and diesel generators are popular solutions for off-grid energy generation, but they are expensive and unreliable. Hydropower is also an option but existing generator design limits use, and installation and maintenance costs are high.

Watter is a unique, eco-friendly 10kwh micro hydropower device that’s cheaper to maintain than traditional rotor technology-based devices and is more versatile, providing a competitive alternative to solar panels and diesel generators.


Can I submit several projects?
Yes! As long as you’ve done the required research on them all (see our Entry Requirements 👆) you can submit several ideas.

Will I need to attend in person?

Yes. The programme will include both in person and virtual sessions. You must be able to attend in person events to participate in the programme.

How advanced do ideas have to be to apply?
You have to show that you’ve made clear and demonstrable progress (e.g. customer discovery work, proof of concept, prototyping) to show that your idea is suitable for this programme. We can’t accept brand new ideas.

Do you take any equity in my team/company?
No. We’re in this to help you, and have designed this programme to give you the skills and support so you can create your own company and carve out your own future.

When can I expect a reply regarding my application?

We aim to let all our all applicants know if they’ve been accepted onto the programme by 5.00 PM on Friday 17 June.

What are the Terms and Conditions?

You can find the programme terms and conditions here.

Can I speak to someone about my application?

Yes, if you have any questions please get in touch with Euan Bell:

How much money can each team win?

Each team can win up to £1,500 in monthly grants. The overall programme winner will be awarded the Programme Prize of £5,000. 

Meet the Alumni

Dama Health
Dama Health

Summer Accelerator 2021 winner, Dama Health, is revolutionising the way in which women are matched to their contraception.

DASH Rides
DASH Rides

DASH Rides is a fast and easy e-bike subscription service that aims to change the way the world moves for good. The service lets businesses empower their employees by giving them easy access to a cost-efficient, healthy and carbon-busting way to travel.


“The Summer Accelerator allowed us to get perspectives from different people – that outside feedback was massively useful in getting us to explore different paths and help us move our idea forward.”

Huzaifa Patel, Remote Sense

How to apply

Applications are now closed. 

If you have any questions please email Euan Bell: