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What’s the Imperial Investment Portal?

The Investment Portal allows investor-ready ventures with an Imperial connection to showcase their proposition to our network of over 300 Angels and VCs.

We’ve created a free and efficient online platform that connects founders to investors. It’s designed to provide enough information for potential investors to make a quick decision on whether to take a deeper dive into your investment opportunity.

Plus, we’ll alert investors when you open your funding round so they can take a look and contact you directly through the portal if you’ve got their attention!


Is my startup suitable?

In order to be considered ‘investor ready’, you’ll need to be thoroughly prepared so that you have the very best chance of success.

Important areas to cover include (but are not limited to):
The problem your customers face

How your solution will solve the problem

Investment requirements

A financial model of investment spend

A breakdown of how you’ll use the investment funds

The size of the market

Your likely competitors

An IP strategy

Clear vision statement

A product roadmap

You will also need to have key documents already in place to present your investment opportunity effectively, including a pitch deck and data room.

Please note: The Investment Portal is another way to engage with our investor community – it doesn’t replace face-to-face interactions such as demo days, networking events and facilitated introductions.

Unsure if you’re investment ready? Look out for our fundraising masterclasses on our What’s On page.

How do I get my business listed on the portal?

The first step is to make sure that you meet all the criteria listed above. Once our Head of Investment Services has confirmed that you satisfy the pre-requisites, your business will be on-boarded onto our platform.

Next steps

If you meet all the criteria and are ready to raise capital, please get in touch to set up your portal profile.