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WE Innovate is Imperial’s flagship female entrepreneurship education programme designed to support the next generation of women entrepreneurs to accelerate their startups. The six-month programme supports female students, developing an early stage business idea, to advance their leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

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The programme

WE Innovate accelerates female-led startups through a tailored programme which gives Imperial students the opportunity to attend masterclasses on topics like customer discovery, design and pitching; business coaching and idea surgeries and pitch training. WE Innovate also gives students opportunities to network and meet with investors, entrepreneurs and business leaders. The programme culminates in a Final Showcase where five finalist teams pitch for of the £20k prize fund.


Phase 1: October – December

  • Welcome Evening for selected teams
  • Four masterclasses, taking place each Wednesday evening in November 5.45 – 8.30pm
  • Each team attends two business coaching slots (one hour each)
  • Optional additional support such as Idea Surgeries can be organised through the Enterprise Lab Team

Phase 2: January – March 

  • One breakfast and two evening masterclasses take place in February.
  • Idea surgeries (20 mins), pitch training (20 – 45mins) and business coaching sessions (one hour)

WE Innovate Final – Thursday 7th March 2019

An evening event where five finalist teams pitch for part of the WE Innovate Prize Fund in front of an expert panel and 250-strong audience. The event celebrates and promotes the ventures and their female founders


Meet the cohort

Want to know what our students are working on? Meet the final 19 teams that have made it through to Phase 2 of WE Innovate 2019. Five of these teams will be pitching in the final on 7th March. Come along to see who will win the £30,000 prize fund!

Bio-F Solutions

Team lead: Marine Valton

Developing eco-friendly biofertilisers, based on natural micro-organisms, which aim to reduce farmers’ costs without damaging the environment, for a more sustainable food production.

Nordic Pearls

Team lead: Laerke Mop Rasmusse

Perfect dosage toothpaste droplets to replace the toothpaste tube and make personal care products more sustainable.

Rock N Roll

Team lead: Lauren Dowling

A collapsible log-fence to prevent rotational falls in equestrian cross-country competitions.

Habi Tabi

Team lead: Cecilia Martinez-Miranda

A logistics and technology solution for the production of fair trade and sustainable pineapple fibre in the textile industry.


Team lead: Nora Mohammed

A cross-platform application that uses Virtual Reality to help anyone hack their memory, starting with Medical Students.


Team lead: Krsna Mohnani

One Liner: An online platform that filters out ‘fake food news’, providing you with accurate nutritional information.


Team lead: Suchaya Mahuttanatan

A remoldable bioplastic cast that is breathable, washable, comfortable, biodegradable and affordable for only £6.

Bioactive Glass for Acne Wounds

Team lead: Carmen Barragan

A nourishing healing balm that averts long-term acne scarring, working with the natural processes of your body to help soothe itself.

Clickr by Pitch In

Team lead: Anna Bernbaum

A hand-held tool for presenters offering live feedback, creating seamlessly fluent, stress-free and compelling presentations.


Team lead: Andrea Bustamante

A monthly membership based platform that gives access to a huge selection of toys for kids to use, enjoy, learn from, return and replace.


Team lead: Martina Oliver Huidobro

A portable blood testing device which allows diagnosis for a wide range of diseases, designed to be licensed to pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies.


Team lead: Changavy Kajamuhan

An innovative, gamified platform for patients with type 1 diabetes, revolutionising how they discover more about the disease, and improving their management of the disease to prevent potentially life-threatening hypoglycaemic attack.


Team lead: Molly Steadman

Enabling justice by revolutionising DNA profiling.


Team lead: Carla Smith

An online platform to aid the diagnosis of gut microbiome-related diseases.


Team lead: Carlota Bozal-Ginesta

Accelerating the implementation of cleantech into the maritime sector by providing customized clean hydrogen solutions for boats ranging from private yachts to container ships.


Team lead: Chiara Heide

Overcoming the side effects and resistance of antibiotic UTI treatments by using localized ultraviolet irradiation (germicidal UVC) as an one-off localized treatment to kill bacteria within seconds present in the bladder and enable immediate relief for the patient.  

Common Goods

Team lead: Talia Hussain

A concept store offering a curated selection of sustainably produced goods, helping people to act according to their sustainable values and reduce their environmental impact.

Orbit Materials

Team: Sophie Paisley-Marshall

Developing carbon-negative secondary raw construction materials from waste.


Team lead: Ally Jaffee

An information and innovation hub for food, nutrition, lifestyle and sustainability. Bite-size information at a small price.

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