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Welcome to Imperial Enterprise Lab, the place where the next generation of student innovators and entrepreneurs challenge the norm, make things happen and change the world for the better. Whatever your idea, meet your people, develop new skills, and start your journey with us.

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At Imperial Enterprise Lab we’re passionate about inspiring the next generation of student innovators and entrepreneurs.

We help students to think outside the box, break boundaries and dare to be different. We think anyone can be an entrepreneur and believe diversity is a competitive advantage not a tick box.

Bringing together people from different disciplines, cultures, backgrounds, and life experiences to look situations from new angles is how problems get solved and, we all win.

Whether you want to test an idea, tackle a pressing social or environmental challenge, develop new skills to help you in your career, start a business or just meet interesting new people we’re here to help you.

From student competitions to speaker events and from hackathons to skills seminars, co-working space, and expert mentors we offer all the support you need, free of charge and accessible to everyone.

Great minds may not think alike, but they do start here.

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Discover what’s on (online, of course!) at Imperial Enterprise Lab

How To Build Your Personal Brand with Alastair Banks
How To Build Your Personal Brand with Alastair Banks

Event dateMay 13, 2021

Alastair Banks takes us through what it means to build a personal brand, how you create it and what the benefits of doing so are. Sign up

How To Innovate in Healthcare with Lucy Jung
How To Innovate in Healthcare with Lucy Jung

Event dateMay 20, 2021

Lucy Jung draws on her own experiences to take us through the what you need to know to innovate in healthcare, what lessons she has learned and how you can apply them to your own experiences. Sign up

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VUI Diagnostics
VUI Diagnostics are developing a technology to provide simple, affordable and accurate retinal imaging to help address avoidable blindness around the world.
Hippocampus is an immersive virtual reality solution for those who need help with their long-term memory.
The Shellworks Team
The Shellworks

This year’s VCC winners have created a plastic alternative from seafood waste that breaks down in any natural environment, allowing consumers to throw away their waste worry-free.

Jelly Drops
Jelly Drops have created hydrating treats that enable people with dementia to hydrate more often and independently.
hydroCotton are growing radically sustainable cotton to help the fashion industry clean up the world’s dirtiest crop.
BIO-F Solutions
Bio-F Solutions are transforming the way our food is produced by developing eco-friendly fertilisers based on natural micro-organisms.

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issue of D/srupt

The third issue of D/srupt has landed!

We chatted founder breakups, changing the face of accelerators and the future of entrepreneurship with Entrepreneur First Founder, Alice Bentinck OBE, learned all about the story behind Testing Business Ideas with David Bland, broke down bias with Imperial alumna and MeVitae founder, Riham Satti and got some entrepreneurial insights from experts at Imperial and beyond in our ‘How To’s’. Not to mention the awesome startups featured including VCC winners The Shellworks, Treeconomy, Multus Media and Planera.

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Front cover of D/srupt issue 3

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ApTap partner with TSB to reach five million customers
ApTap partner with TSB to reach five million customers

TSB’s research found that 40% of Brits would be more likely to switch energy providers if they knew that it would take less than 10 minutes to make the change. Using the new ApTap feature takes on average around five minutes to make the switch, dispelling the common myth that it’s tricky and time consuming to change suppliers. Read more

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An Idea Surgery is the first step to accessing all of the great support we have at the Enterprise Lab, and now that we can’t meet you in person, we’ve taken them online. Simply book a time to chat with a member of the team, and we will advise, inspire and point you in the right direction.

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