Idea Challenge

Wednesday 5 June, 12.30pm - 5pm
Interested in entrepreneurship? Join us for a workshop to learn how to generate innovations and new business ideas!

Idea Challenge 2024

Ever felt like digital tech just doesn’t get you? 📱💻 Maybe you’ve used an app or service that feels totally out of sync with your expectations? Well, you’re not alone! We’re diving into the world of generational bias in tech – how it’s shaped by older generations and might not fully cater to the next generations (including ours)!

Does someone from an older generation struggle to understand the digital technology you and your friends use, the ideas different to their that it is based on and so doesn’t get you either!

What lies beyond private data exploitation, being seen as a ‘consumer’ rather than a person, soul-less conversations with AIs trained on data that is generic, out-of-date and sourced from people completely unlike you. Where are you missing those closed group interactions that you get from social apps and what would it look like to have them in other app services?

Picture this: a workshop where you get to flip the script on outdated tech, divided generations and create something that speaks to YOU or helps other generations understand you. We’re talking about crafting apps, services, and experiences that reflect your values, lifestyle, and unique journey through life.

So, if you’re ready to shake things up and make your mark on the digital landscape, join us! Let’s brainstorm, innovate, and reimagine tech that’s truly tailor-made for our generation. It’s time to take charge and design the future we want to see! 🚀✨

What is Idea Challenge?

An idea challenge is a focused form of innovation that encourages creative solutions to a particular problem or area of improvement. Your mission is to use your business skills, creativity and critical thinking to solve the challenge of generational bias. You’ll be assigned to a team and by the end of the afternoon, you’ll present a short pitch and show us how you’d solve the challenge.

Apply your own creativity to solutions and see first-hand how innovation and entrepreneurship work together.

In this session we will also introduce you to tools and methodologies used in Technology Foresight.

Is there a prize?

YES! We’ll be awarding cash prizes for the best idea and best pitch and even better, the teams judged as best will also have the opportunity to talk about their ideas at the Imperial Tech Foresight Day in July this year. An event with an audience of business leaders from some of Imperial’s largest corporate partners.

This event is for anyone who is:

  • Passionate about exploring and problem-solving in the digital, data, and AI space.
  • Interested in innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Wants to understand the methodologies behind tech foresight
  • Looking for a team to work with.
  • Keen to learn about the ideation process and develop new skills.

    (Please note: no pre-requisite technical skills are required)


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