Community Collider

Wednesday 31st January | 5:00pm - 7:00pm | Enterprise Lab
Join us for our Community Collider in collaboration with the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Club.

About this event

Community Collider is our monthly social that brings together entrepreneurs from every corner of Imperial College London. It’s the place where great minds collide! Make new friends, meet future collaborators and join the Enterprise Lab community in a friendly, relaxed and creative environment at Community Collider.

This special edition is held in collaboration with the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Club at Imperial College. They will be hosting a panel discussion on starting a business. The theme is “How to take the leap and start a business? Coping with fears, reservations, self-doubts.”

Join us in exploring the challenges of entrepreneurship that often accompany the journey of starting a business. The discussion will cover different aspects of the early entrepreneurship experience, such as:

1. How did you start your entrepreneurial career path and is there a good time to make such a switch?

2. How to navigate through the challenges and reservations in the initial stage of a project?

3. Were you able to leverage the experience/network acquired at Imperial to develop your business?

4. What are things you wish you knew about the life of an entrepreneur when you graduated during your MSc at Imperial?

Speakers include: Abdelrahman Fathalla (Founder of Guillam Coffee House), Alexander Whyte (Co-Founder at Emizio) and Isabella Mandich (Co-Founder at LocalMeal)