London Venture Crawl 

Join us on Wednesday 11th March 2020 for a journey to the heart of London’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.  


What is it? 

Through London Venture Crawl students have the opportunity to visit some of London’s most exciting startup hubs alongside 100s of other university students from across the capital. Students will take part in talks, activities and behind the scenes tours.  

Taking part in London Venture Crawl can contribute to the Imperial Award.

How can I get a place on the bus?  

You can register for a place on the bus here & over the next year we will be awarding Imperial College London students who take part in our events and programmes places on the bus. We have a limited number of spaces and will be offering these to students completely new to entrepreneurship at the College.

Any questions?  

If you have any questions about London Venture Crawl please contact  

Get in touch

Phone: +44 (0)20 7594 1964

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