How To Talks

The best speakers from the startup world and beyond share their stories, advice and tips to help you level-up your business skills and broaden your entrepreneurial knowledge-base. 

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Level-up your skills

Boost your entrepreneurial know-how with our 60-minute lunchtime expert talks.

Our How To Talks are a 6-week series of term-time seminars covering a huge range of topics. We invite experts from every corner of the startup world to help give you a more rounded view of what the road to success can look like.

You don’t have to have a business idea, be studying a business-related degree or even consider yourself an entrepreneur (yet!). Everyone’s welcome so if you’re curious, check out what we’ve got coming up!

We’ll be bringing all our How To Talks to you via Zoom for now. If you have any questions, please email Euan: euan.bell


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Previous How To Talks

Jude Pullen How To Slide
How To Put the Pro in Prototyping with Jude Pullen

If you’re building a product but aren’t sure how best to achieve your goal, then don’t miss out on this fantastic talk featuring product design and prototyping expert, Jude Pullen.

How To DO Good and Make Money graphic
How To Do Good and Make Money with Vicki Saunders

SheEO Founder, Vicki Saunders, shares insights on starting a business focused on making a difference whilst also making a profit. 

how to visualise data graphic
How To Visualise Data with David McCandless

Data journalist and Founder of Information in Beautiful, David McCandless, explains how to take complicated data and visualise it to create a story your audience will understand.

How To Create an Inclusive Culture graphic
How To Create an Inclusive Culture with Sonya Barlow

Award winning Diversity Coach, Sonya Barlow, tells us how to ensure your team is inclusive and diverse from the start, enabling you to unlock 17% more profits, 33% more productivity and 85% happier staff. 

How To Understand Investment graphic
How To Understand Investment with Yvonne Bajela

Founding Member and Principal at Impact X Capital, Yvonne Bajela, takes us through the investment world and how you can raise money for your business.

How To Do Customer Discovery with Nanna Parry

Founder of Tectonic, Nana Parry, takes us through the customer discovery process and shows how much you can do despite a limited budget.

How To Be Resilient graphic
How To Be Resilient with Giles Duley

Photographer Giles Duley draws on his own incredible experiences to show how being resilient and learning to adapt can turn negatives into positives.

How To Innovate with Simon Devonshire OBE

Former Entrepreneur-in-Residence for the UK Government, Simon Devonshire OBE explores what innovation means and how you can get into an entrepreneurial mindset.

How To Create a Fantastic Brand with Laura busche

Laura Busche, Author of Lean Branding, shows us what a good brand looks like, how it can benefit your business and the steps to take to achieve this.

How To Work Together Anywhere with Lisette Sutherland

Director of Collaboration Superpowers, Lisette Sutherland, dives into how to get the most of out of team working remotely and foster a team spirit.

How To Fail Better with Sam Barnett

Entrepreneur First President and Quantcast Chief Product Officer, Sam Barnett, tells us how to take the ‘No’s’ and use them to your advantage.