Coillection win IB Pitch competition

Kitchen oil recycling venture that helps households dispose of waste cooking oil takes first prize in student pitch competition.
Coillection, the winning team, is made up of students from the MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management. The team’s winning idea is a platform that connects households with oil collection companies, allowing them to properly dispose of waste oil and fat.

Oil collectors are companies that specialise in the removal of waste cooking oil, usually from restaurants, caterers and commercial kitchens. This oil can then be recycled by the chemical and biofuel industry. However, currently no such service exists for domestic kitchens, leading to improper disposal of oil and fat.

When it is poured down the sink together with other fats and greases, used cooking oil gradually congeals and hardens in the pipes, forming blockages. Dealing with these blockages costs water companies in the UK over £90 million annually. Instead, this used cooking oil can be converted to bio-diesel, a carbon neutral fuel and an important renewable energy source.

Coillection aims to revolutionise used cooking oil recycling in the UK by, making this service accessible to individual households. They want to make domestic collections as convenient and efficient as possible for households and oil collectors by connecting them through an online platform.

Coillection winning IB Pitch

Coillection winning IB Pitch

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