Mindset launch AI powered dementia app

Oct 12, 2020

Mindset have launched the first app that contributes to early diagnosis of dementia through AI.
Founder of Mindset on Sky News

Mindset, an Imperial College startup, have launched the first iteration of their AI dementia diagnosis app which made it to number five in the Apple medical apps download chart.

How does Mindset work?
Mindset are building a mobile application that comprehensively screens for dementia by guiding the user through clinically validated diagnostic tests. Based on the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence guidelines, Mindset screens for neurological anomalies and uses artificial intelligence to accurately flag clinically relevant findings.

The application is currently collecting data on how the human brain works in order to better understand early warnings of dementia. Founder, Hamzah Selim, and the team, are looking for your help to build the data set to show how brains work, making the AI better at noticing when something isn’t quite right.

Doctor talking to patient holding phoneThe launch of Mindset has been triumphant. It was ranked #5 place on the Apple app store medical download chart and is getting increasing attention from the public via trainee doctor and Mindset Founder Hamzah’s interviews with BBC News and Sky News. You can see both interviews below.

In the interviews, Hamzah explains that the idea of Mindset is to allow families to implement measures for their loved ones suffering from the disease and care for the vulnerable ones that are currently isolated due to the Covid-19 pandemic. An earlier diagnosis would also improve prognosis at later stage.

Public support is needed
To improve the AI of this application, Hamzah mentioned that support by the public will be essential. The more data and information they can gather, the sooner and the more accurately this technology can help with doctors’ diagnosis process and the more patients’ life can be improved.

Dementia describes ongoing decline of brain functionality that suffered by around 850,000 just in the UK and millions more around the world according to the Alzheimer’s Society. This number has risen by 40% in the last five years and is predicted to increase continuously around the world. Download the Mind4Dementia application and be part of this life-changing project today.

You can read more about Mindset and their entrepreneurial journey here.




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