Pioneer Fund

The Pioneer Fund provides small grants to any student who wants to explore and test an innovative new idea. 

What is the Pioneer Fund?


The Pioneer Fund, sponsored by TTP, is a grant programme for early stage commercial ideas and provides up to £500 for students and recent alumni to get out of the building, find customers, design business experiments and explore their ideas.

If you have an idea but are not sure what to do next, then the Pioneer Fund is your opportunity to get some money to explore the potential of your concept.

To receive a grant, apply online with details of your idea and tell us what you would plan to spend the grant on.


Pioneer Fund 2020 Showcase

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This spring we welcomed over ten teams to the Pioneer Fund 2020 programme, these teams worked through several online learning modules and worked with the Enterprise Lab team to explore and test their ideas. We are delighted to present a showcase of what they have achieved over the course of the programme and beyond.

From recycling medication to mess-free tea, watch the videos to find out more about each team and what they have achieved with their grant money!

Biorenewable anionic surfactants 
A new surfactant molecule derived from cheap biorenewable feedstocks. With the potential to be used in detergents without the addition of any additives.

Provides a 100% biodegradable food packaging solutions to food delivery business.

Money Doc 
Focussing on the financial health of freelancers, connecting their various financial products into a clear dashboard in efforts to better manage their money.

delivering omega-3 oil at a fraction of the cost of current processes.

Carbon Drop 
Supporting consumers in offsetting carbon emissions.

Kind Koala 
KindKoala takes the pain out of transitioning to more ethical & sustainable services, and rewards consumers.

NuOceans Sandles
Sandals  that not only clean the environment but also avoid further pollution: a circular economy model for the manufacture of sandals.

 Cultive is a hardware-sensor-network and software-as-a-service platform where soil moisture/nutrient data is dynamically live monitored using on-field sensors.

Water-soluble tea bubbles leaving zero waste, the bubble is an instant 100% eco-friendly solution.

Packaging to reduce prescription medical waste, helping to introduce a redistribution system in the UK

How it works

To receive a grant students need to complete an online application with details of their idea, their team and what they plan to spend the £500 on.

If successful, students will be expected to complete some online masterclasses, attend the Pioneer Fund Launch event, the Showcase Briefing in May and the Final Showcase event in June to present their findings.


From receiving the grant till the Final Showcase, there will also be lunch time peer networking sessions availble for drop in where questions can be answered. Dates for these sessions will be shared with the successful teams. 



To be eligible for a grant, you must be a current registered Imperial College London student studying an undergraduate or postgraduate qualification or recent alumni from the last three years.

Applications from students and teams who have not engaged with Enterprise Lab before will be prioritised.

Further information on eligibility can be found here: Pioneer Fund Terms & Conditions (2020)

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