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MBA Connect is an MBA student-led coaching programme aimed at bringing together the brilliant scientific minds and ideas from the wider College with the industry and entrepreneurship experience of Imperial’s MBAs.

How can we help?

The Imperial College Business School MBA consists of a talented group of individuals who can provide you and your business with specific industry insights, practical business knowledge and tips on business planning. At the same time, Imperial has many smart students with deep science knowledge that can contribute to MBA students’ growth.

MBA Connect creates a bridge between the Imperial College Business School and the wider community at Imperial.

Anyone at Imperial with an idea, a product, or a company can apply to be part of MBA Connect. You may simply have an idea that you are looking to develop, or you may already have a company that you are looking to grow. Our MBAs come from a variety of industry and professional backgrounds so can help with all stages of your idea, product, or company’s development.

Here’s how it works: Each team is matched with a coach from the MBA programme. We take care to ensure that the matches are tailored to each unique situation based on industry or career or business goals. The coaching programmes are 6-8 weeks long depending of the needs of the founders.

The tailored coaching programme will help the teams to:

  • Develop specific industry insights
  • Grow career advancement and business strategy, for example marketing and communications, sales and pitch preparation
  • Develop your idea, product or company further


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