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The Experts-in-Residence is designed to ensure that Imperial-associated individuals engaged in entrepreneurial projects and their Imperial startups have access to experts who can help them conceive, form, and develop their business. The London ecosystem is complex and difficult to navigate, and therefore our Experts-in-Residence programme will represent a trusted resource for Imperial startups to access dedicated support.

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What’s Experts-in-Residence?

Experts-in-Residence is a group of experts in a variety of different areas that are relevant for developing entrepreneurial ideas and building startup companies. These individuals will act as advisors made available to startups via scheduled or drop-in sessions. Ventures can arrange meetings with our experts to discuss their ideas and projects with no strings attached. We expect that this advice and support will help ventures develop the strategy for their startup. In addition, these experts will give seminars and workshops which aim to improve understanding of the realities of technological development and commercialisation.

Want to book a session?

In order to book an Expert in Residence session you first need to have attended an Idea Surgery or Business Coaching session. In order to check your eligibility or find our more please email Victoria Nicholl.

Meet the experts

Marketer in Residence – Ian Hunter

The constant thread throughout Iain’s career has been advising an increasingly wide range of clients about building brands and businesses.  He’s worked extensively across many geographies, channels and disciplines helping to craft messaging, branding and positioning as well as providing expertise in the arena of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. He is also an Imperial Ventures Mentor (IVMS).

Intellectual Property Expert-in-Residence – Jeremy Holmes

Jeremy joined Innovations in January 2012 as Patent Attorney and Due Diligence Manager after 12 years working as an in-house patent attorney for ICI/Astra Zeneca and Reckitt Benckiser. Jeremy’s role at Innovations is to manage IP and Patent Searching resources and to ensure that thorough and timely due diligence is carried out on investment opportunities, as well as act as an in-house consultant on IP issues.

Negotiator in Residence – Devon Smiley

Negotiation Consultant with 15 years of experience with Forbes’ finest and startups alike. Devon has closed more than $5 billion of commercial contracts and brings this experience to entrepreneurs and founders focused on securing strong commercial results without sacrificing relationships. Devon’s insights on negotiation have been featured in The New York Times, Glamour magazine and the Chicago Tribune.

Commercial Expert-in-Residence –Rune Bentien

Rune spent the majority of his career working in commercially focused roles bringing new products to market in Google including software (APIs, SaaS, Platforms) as well as hardware across several industries. Since 2016 has he established and led the European part of the Ex-Googler community which supports former Google employees on their entrepreneurial journeys. Currently Rune is an investor in web3 technologies at ConsenSys, one of the global leaders in the blockchain industry. Prior to Google, Rune helped launch the world’s first legally unlimited music service out of Denmark with TDC. Rune holds a MSc of Innovation Management (Cand. Oecon) from Aarhus University and spent two years at the Danish military serving as a combat medics sergeant.

Product Expert-in-Residence –Bryan Roberts

Bryan is a experienced product developer with a passion for sports. Having worked as a R&D consultant for over 100 sporting goods brands, his favourite projects were England World Cup Football Shirt, NBA Basketball, Nike Sports Bras and Mizuno Running Shoes. Bryan has transitioned from the corporate world to multiple business owner. The most recent, is a launchpad for new sports equipment brands. Bryan hopes to guide students through the product development process from concept to production, including the go-to-market strategy.

Team Management Expert-in-Residence – Callum Anderson

Callum Adamson is a Cofounder at Distributed; a platform that allows businesses to deliver digital outcomes through the use of an AI powered Elastic Workforce. Callum studied Aeronautical Engineering at Perth UHI and has led teams at BMI, The Digital Property Group and Reading Room in his career. 

Intellectual Property Expert-in-Residence – Iain Russell

Iain is an experienced Patent and Design Attorney with particular expertise around software, telecommunications and music technology inventions. Iain co-founded an online recruitment platform, which has given him first-hand experience of running a start-up. He has been granted patents for his own inventions, ranging from dishwasher spray arms to drones, which he is actively looking to commercialise. Iain especially enjoys working with students and start-ups.

Lawyer in Residence – Ignition Law

Ignition Law is a unique entrepreneurial law firm, providing specialist corporate, commercial and employment advice to start-ups, scale-ups and entrepreneurs at affordable prices. It was formed in January 2015 by Alex McPherson and David Farquharson, during this time Ignition Law has been nominated and won several prestigious legal awards.

Graphic Designer in Residence - MYWW

MYWW™ are a design company specialising in demystifying and delivering in-house design. Their ͚Plug & Play͛in-house design team offering allows businesses to immediately bolt on a portfolio of creative talent and expertise They established the UK’s only In-House Design Awards in 2013 to champion in-house creative talent.



Recruiter in Residence – Hire & Scale

Hire&Scale enable companies everywhere to hire and scale more effectively. Start engaging with talent, exciting your employees and growing your business by following their unique people strategy – the online learning hub provides everything you need to get started. Success is a team sport so become an all-star employer that is cultivating employee champions!

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