Pitch ‘n’ Mix

Thursday 12 November, 6pm - 8pm
Pitch ‘n’ Mix is a monthly event that brings together like minded students to hang out, get feedback and meet new people.
Pitch 'n' Mix graphic
Pitch ‘n’ Mix is a monthly event that brings together like-minded students to hang out, get feedback and meet new people.

About this Event

Do you have an idea but have nobody to present it to? Do you want to join a team and showcase your amazing skills in a particular field? Would you like the opportunity to hang out, get feedback and meet new people? Live in front of a studio audience by way of E-Lab TV. Introducing “Virtual Pitch ‘n’ Mix” the online version of Pitch ‘N’ Mix on Zoom

We only have 25 pitching slots per event so if you’re interested in taking to the stage make sure you sign-up in advance! There will be wildcard slots on the night so even if you get an audience seat you can still ask to pitch on the night. If pitching is not for you, but you’d like to watch some pitches and meet great people make sure to book in!

Pitch: All ideas are welcome 😀 This is your time to shine! Get in front of a friendly audience and test out your 60-second pitch in our Quick-Fire Round. Whether you’re pitching your business, your skills, or practising your public speaking, “Virtual Pitch ‘n’ Mix” is the place to be where you will receive constructive feedback on your best bits and not -so- best bits. Make sure you stay within your time or you may face the wrath of Judge Ferd.

Get Creative: Since this will take place on Zoom, you have the opportunity to design your own virtual backgrounds and showcase these while you pitch. If you have difficulty explaining your idea, why not use a prop such as a diagram or prototype. This is your opportunity to promote yourself to the fullest! Each month we will also be giving away £50 in Amazon vouchers to the best pitch of the evening and the best virtual background!

Mix: Come on down and be part of something awesome 😀

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