Pitch and Mix

Thursday 29 July, 6pm – 8pm
Pitch and Mix is the monthly community event that brings together entrepreneurs from across Imperial to hang out, get feedback and meet new people.

About this Event

Hosted by the legendary Judge Ferd, in partnership with Imperial Entrepreneurs, Imperial Postdocs and Fellows Enterprise Network, Imperial Launch and the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club, this monthly social brings together entrepreneurs from every corner of Imperial as well as guest pitches from LSE, RCA and Central St Martins.

If you find pitching tricky, Pitch and Mix is a brilliant way to get in front of a friendly crowd, test out your 60-second pitch and get comfortable with public speaking – with guaranteed applause when you’re on fire and super constructive feedback if you’re not.

Don’t think pitching is for you? You’re still welcome so register below and come along anyway! You can watch some pitches and meet some great people.

Event Schedule

18:00 – 18:10: Welcome and introductions

18:10 – 19:10: Pitching

19:10 – 19:40: Mixing

Practice makes perfect:

Download our pre-pitch guide to help with your prep and email us at enterprise.lab@imperial.ac.uk to register for our pre-event workshop.

Get creative:

Since this will take place on Zoom, you have the opportunity to design your own virtual backgrounds and showcase these while you pitch. If you have difficulty explaining your idea, why not use a prop such as a diagram or prototype. This is your opportunity to promote yourself to the fullest!

Win a prize:

Each month we will also be giving away £50 in Amazon vouchers to the best pitch of the evening and the best virtual background!

Got a question?

Get in touch with Ferdinand at: f.orleans-lindsay@imperial.ac.uk.

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