How To Think Like an Entrepreneur with Paul O’Donnell & Sylvana Caloni

Thursday 27 May, 1pm - 2pm
Learn the tips and tricks to developing an entrepreneurial mindset.

About this Event

In this How To we will be taking a look at Paul O’Donnell’s success and challenges during his entrepreneurial journey, and Sylvana Caloni will draw out the lessons learned using her dual lenses as leadership coach and equity analyst. Come along to find out how entrepreneurs can be more self-aware and what does it really take to be an entrepreneur.

Paul O’Donnell is an investment banker-turned-business consultant with decades of experience in Australia, Asia, the UK and USA in strategic and operational leadership, and business development for multinational financial institutions. He is also a serial entrepreneur, advises owners of small to medium-sized enterprises and mentors students of entrepreneurship.

Sylvana Caloni is a leadership coach who works with clients internationally. In her early career in global financial markets she was a bond dealer, equity analyst and fund manager. She blends the insights from the fast-paced financial services world and the latest training on learning and development to enable entrepreneurs, executives and self-starting individuals to become more self-aware, more effective and more successful.

This is an interactive session blending storytelling, self-reflection, questions and answers.

This event will be held virtually on Zoom. Meeting details will be sent nearer to the date of talk.

All of the above activities will support your progress towards the Imperial Award.

Imperial Enterprise Lab’s How To Talks series are a great entry point if you want to learn and build your knowledge of the skills you need to be entrepreneurial. They’re an excellent starting point for newbies to the world of startups.

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