How To…Put the Pro in Prototype with Jude Pullen

Thursday 21 January, 1pm - 2pm
Want to learn how to prototype like a pro? If you're building a product but aren't sure how best to achieve your goal, then don't miss out on this fantastic talk featuring product design and prototyping expert, Jude Pullen.
Jude Pullen

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Hosted in partnership with Imperial College Advanced Hackspace

Want to learn how to prototype like a pro? If you’re building a product but aren’t sure how best to achieve your goal, then don’t miss out on this fantastic talk featuring product design and prototyping expert, Jude Pullen. Hear more about why you need to prototype, what you should and shouldn’t be doing and how innovation can start cheaply, with just good ideas and testing.

Featured inventor on BBC2’s Big Life Fix, Jude is a Creative Technologist & Physical Prototyping Expert who’s worked at Dyson, Sugru and LEGO. He is passionate about inclusive and sustainable design, helping companies shape their futures through design thinking and novel use of technologies.

Jude’s eclectic career and global experiences have helped him engage new audiences to appreciate the potential of exploring new innovations. After interning in California and Hong Kong, and studying for a year in Norway, Jude soon joined Dyson where he progressed to Dyson’s New Product Ideas.

Following a number of patents and a CEng chartership at Dyson, he was offered an opportunity to join He grew the company’s R&D team as well as running 6-figure scale-up projects to take the company from hand-packing to state of the art automation. Jude joined LEGO’s new Partnering Team in 2017, helping LEGO expand its awareness of new tech, trends, and engaging directly with communities which foster breakthrough creations. He now works at a consultant helping companies create new experiences and offerings, often utilising technology in fun ways – A recent example being an Open Source project for DesignSpark, that went viral, called RadioGlobe (make one yourself here!).

Jude has worked alongside other creatives in BBC2’s Big Life Fix, helping design a playground for blind (and sighted) children, through to creating bespoke devices for a terminally ill photographer and a hairdresser without the full use of one hand. Most recently he’s been engaged as a Technology and Prototyping Expert on Sir David Jason’s Great British Inventions on Channel 4. In this 4-part series, Jude re-created prototypes of pioneering inventions (Edison/Swan Lightbulbs, Faraday’s Motors, Rockets, etc.) from household items as a provocation that innovation can start cheaply, with good ideas and testing.

Jude is passionate about helping people discover how to make things, be it making SpacePods, or Loop-the-Loops – and has numerous online resources available. These along with his TV appearances, and workshops have earned him the 2020 IMechE AGB Award for engaging young people in design and engineering.

This event will be held virtually on Zoom. Meeting details will be sent nearer to the date of talk.

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13:00 – Presentation
13:30 – Q&A

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