What is the co-working space?

All Imperial students and alumni are welcome to pitch up and work in our multi-use space that has been specially adapted to meet social distancing measures. We’re located at Imperial’s South Kensington campus and are open from 10am to 4pm, Tuesday to Thursday (during lockdown). Whether you need somewhere to collaborate or a private meeting room – we’ve got you covered.

ELab mug, coffee machine and bookcase

Browse our awesome library of entrepreneurial and skill building books help yourself to free coffee from our fancy coffee machine and soft drinks while meeting future collaborators in our awesome space.

We want you to use the space for your events too – students are welcome to book our Studio space for their society events. Enquire about booking the space for an event or meeting here.

**Please be aware that all meeting rooms are currently unavailable until further notice**

How do I find it?

The co-working space is located at Imperial South Kensington campus. We have the coolest basement around, but it is notoriously hard to find, so here’s a handy map to help you find your way.

Opening times

Here’s our weekly timetable of events. The times below are for: 

*Please note that there is only 13 places available in the co-working space. These will be available on a first come first serve basis*

This week’s timetable: 

Monday Closed 
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Closed
Thursday Closed
Friday Closed

Facilities available

Various Adapters & Cables

Oculus Quest VR headsets

PS4, Nintendo Switch & Board games (Temporarily unavailable)

Presentation clickers

Media Hub


Coffee machine (Temporarily unavailable)

Soft drinks and beer fridge (Temporarily unavailable)

Jelly bean dispenser (Temporarily unavailable)

Water dispenser

Community wall

4K touchscreen TVs




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