Enigma MS

EnigmaMS are using deep science algorithms to improve the analysis of organic compounds.
Enigma MS

Meet the team

Enigma MS

David, CEO (CDT Sustainable Civil Engineering 2018)

Marc, CSO (CDT Sustainable Civil Engineering 2020)

Simon, COO (Petroleum Engineering 2019)

Ernest, Scientific Advisor (Alumni)

The problem
Mass spectrometers analyse the composition of organic molecules in samples. However, this technology routinely identifies less than 0.1% of all existing organic compounds, meaning that experts only manually elucidate a few compounds per sample. This is labour intensive and provides poor characterisation of samples. The consequences can be severe, as contaminants or potential drugs can easily be overlooked during a mass spectrometer analysis.

The solution
Enigma-MS radically simplifies this data analysis. Our unique patented deep science algorithm automatically elucidates every compound in real time and allows us to offer new products. These include industry-specific digestible metrics, method development tips bespoke to users, alongside insights and identification of macro-trends.

All this information is automatically accessed with just one click. User data is accessible anywhere from the cloud, making it shareable and linkable so it can facilitate innovation, maintain scientific integrity and help build vibrant scientific communities. In the long term, data aggregation will allow us to provide experimental protocols and autonomise entire experimental procedures.

The company and its advisors
The idea for Enigma-MS came to CEO David during his research when he was analysing many unknown compounds. The team now consists of four people from different backgrounds and brought together by various means. David and the CSO Marc are in the same Centre for Doctoral Training, whilst the company’s COO Simon met David at the Imperial PhD welcome week. Ernest, who is a scientific advisor, is a former colleague of Simon’s partner.

We’re currently at pre- seed stage and are in talks with an angel investor to finance our MVP. We are also writing grant applications and applications to an incubator (Creative Destruct Lab). Alongside this we’re talking to our first potential customers about what product features would be most relevant to them.

Enterprise Lab Support
The Enterprise Lab has helped us a lot. It has provided space for meetings, a session with a lawyer and also we have been part of the business mentoring scheme which has given us access to great advice.

Successes and setbacks
One of our greatest successes was getting into the final of the PanaceaStars competition. We also won a Wuhan High level entrepreneurship competition. Filing the patent for EngimaMS was another important moment for us. Our biggest setback so far was probably not winning the PanaceaStars competition, which would have been a fantastic achievement.

Advice to aspiring entrepreneurs
Talk to potential clients as soon as you can. Find out what their pain points are and get a MVP as soon as possible


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